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1st Place Winner in the YoYo Games Amaze Me Game Jam

Since WWII, neon lights have been an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cityscape. Now they’ve all but disappeared.

Lam's Untitled Neon follows the story of an old neon light maker who hopes his granddaughter will continue his business. But maybe she has other plans? 

A narrative game. Come for the story, stay for the super cool neon light facts! A 77% (I mean there was some research done) accurate neon light making simulator.


This game can be played with mouse only.

You can use hotkeys 1, 2, 3 for switching tools if you want.
F1 Restarts the game.

Developed By

Programming: Nyveon
Art: Faxdoc
Art & Game Design: Happysquared
Sound, Music & Writing: Sunnydaze
Writing: VictoryArcana

Special Thanks


Resources Used

Glow Shader: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/3176/glow-shader
Silver Font: https://poppyworks.itch.io/silver 
Dialogue System: https://sites.google.com/view/fcdialoguesystem/home

Game Source: 
Read at your own risk...


LAMSUntitledNeon.zip 23 MB


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I hit this page when I am looking for video games that are set in Hong Kong. The game presented here is really amazing. What I like is the pretty complete game mechanism for Neon light making. One could really overview the process through playing the game.

Thanks for the kind words! We were very inspired by the neon making process.

Decided to play the highest rated games. This was honestly fun and heartwarming! Not sure if it's been said already, but I had an issue where I was moving the heating tool out of the way, holding down the mouse button, and dragging over the "done" and "reset" buttons, where sometimes I would let go, and it would activate the buttons! Definitely shouldn't let those activate if you're holding the tool. On top of that, there was no "retry" after each letter, so even though I wasn't done, and got a bad score, I couldn't retry that specific letter... :/ Anyway, great outside of that, I really enjoyed it

Yeah! It's a bug. Funnily enough, we spotted it during the jam and just forgot to fix it. We hope to have an updated version that addresses it and that adds some more quality of life stuff too. Thanks so much for playing the game though! A retry button is a nice idea! Really appreciate the feedback :D


Played the game and it took me a minute to get used to bending the neon lights but I had fun. Good work.


Thanks for playing! Was fun watching your playthrough! For future reference if you feel like revisiting it, you can skip over the letters if you're just interested in the ending. Clicking "Done" will just bring you to the scoring screen and regardless of how bad your lights look, you can move onwards. We put that in there for people that might not be as into the light bending and rather see the story. :D


Oh, I didn't realize there was more to the story. I'll go back and see what the ending is. Thanks for letting me know and I'm glad you enjoyed the playthrough.